UGG Belcloud

As the latest in UGG Australia’s Duck Collection, the UGG Belcloud is another excellent product that delivers the touted promises. Expertly constructed using full-grain leather, the boots are excellently waterproof, and should keep your feet comfortably dry regardless of the weather. Those who have been around long enough may remember how UGG boots used to have nothing but a strictly utilitarian point of existence. For starters, people loved wearing the boots in Australia and New Zealand because they served a rugged purpose. These days, however, UGG boots are much sought-after all over the world especially the latest Ugg boots 2012 collection, not only as highly dependable footwear, but also as part of an individual’s fashion statement.

Why The UGG Belcloud Is Better Than Ordinary Boots

  • Amazingly waterproof: UGG Belcloud boots are designed with what the manufacturer proudly calls an “eVent waterproof membrane,” which has been proven to keep you dry even if you’re walking in deep puddles of water.
  • Effectively keep the moisture out: the boots are made of genuine sheepskin and constructed using unique waterproofing and moisture-proofing technologies that have been perfected over the years. For example, the boots are lined with shearling and features a removable sheepskin insole for that extra warm and dry comfort.
  • Great traction even on wet surfaces: the UGG Belcloud has cork meticulously infused into the molded rubber bottom, providing the wearer extra padding when walking, while ensuring the possibility of slippage at the barest minimum.

  • Highly durable: even when worn regularly in extreme weather conditions. The UGG Belcloud’s exceptionally sturdy construction allows it to withstand even the most demanding usage.
  • Fashionable: thanks to the extensive marketing efforts of the manufacturer that relied on endorsements by famous celebrities, UGG boots are now considered a must-have fashion item. Take the UGG Belcloud Cognac as an example, which has often been seen worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Sarah Jessica Parker. Add to that is that rather “explosive” announcement by Oprah Winfrey on her own show, declaring UGG boots as “one of her favorite things.”

How To Keep Your UGG Belcloud Boots In Top Condition

Below is a list of must-have items to help keep your boots in tip-top condition. These should be available at your local hardware store or you can order online.

  • UGG Australia’s official Cleaner and Conditioner.
  • Water and stain repellent.
  • A brush: make sure one that is specifically designed to gently but thoroughly clean the UGG Belcloud or any UGG boots you own.
  • Boot freshener.
  • Something called a “scuff eraser” to keep the sheepskin lustrous.

It is easy to chance upon an UGG Belcloud sale here and there, especially on online stores. Distributors often take advantage of whatever is the season—Christmas, Black Friday, July 4th, or just the presence of inclement weather. But regardless of the season, there is always a good excuse to wear a nice-looking pair of UGG Belcloud boots and get Ugg boots for sale.